About Me

Hi there!

My name is Scott, I’m a multimedia architect based in Melbourne, Australia. I have studied areas across the multimedia spectrum. Though I have focused primarily on website design and development I have established skills in video editing, graphic design, and game development. Many of these skills came about as a result of interest to learn, I always like learning new skills and abilities, and trying new things.

I’ve been interested in design since around year 9 where I chose Introduction to Graphic Design as an elective at high school and followed it through to Visual Communication and Design in VCE. From there I was accepted into a Bachelor of Arts at RMIT University majoring in Games Graphics Design. After completing that course I found myself with a growing desire to learn other aspects of the IT field, winding up enrolling in a Diploma of Information Technology at Melbourne Polytechnic, and subsequently the Advanced Diploma of Computer Systems Technology.

Outside of computer related interests, I dabble in a bit of drawing (though not as often as I’d like), am getting back into playing the guitar, learning Spanish using Duolingo and don’t mind the occasional round of golf.