2019 Updates


So. I haven't been very good at keeping a blog up to date. To be honest the Wordpress install wasn't the greatest idea and I don't really like the Gutenberg update so I stopped using it.

I've moved to ChyrpLite for this iteration. It does everything I need it to do. I just need to go back and re-add images to my posts I brought over from the Wordpress site. I'll get around to that eventually because I've got to upload them somewhere first then link to them using markdown rather than adding media to a post like Wordpress. I need to do that before I delete my current website, which I can't do until my new one is finished anyway so I've got a bit of time as that's not a priority project at this time.

So what's going to happen then?

First off you'll notice I haven't styled this at all. I'm not worrying about it until I know for certain I'm actually going to make use of this more than the last few times I've tried. If I keep it up to date I might look into it.

In general though I'll be aiming to use this more to keep a running log of projects I'm working on and occasionally updating on life stuff. I want to get into a habit of keeping a track record of projects because looking through other people's backlogs of projects has been really inspirational for me so if I can add to that and provide inspiration for someone then it makes the project/creative world a better place.

So what are my current projects I might be writing about?

I've got a few things on the go at the moment, some long term stuff but hoping there's also some short turn around items I'd like to look at. Let me give you a quick run down:

  • Landscaping: Our backyard is going through some changes, improving on some changes I made a few years ago. Getting fit without hitting a gym.
  • Old shed teardown: My grandfather built a shed about the time the house was built, it's seen better days so it's coming down (once we get it checked for asbestos)
  • 3D Printing: I've got an Ender 5 I need to start making good use of. I need a better place to run it though because it's noisy.
  • Dioramas: I've seen a lot of Luke Towan's videos on YouTube, feeling inspired to up my scenery game for when I've got the space to make a model railroad again.
  • STATS: I'm still working on this thing, I've got it working to a good level in it's current format but considering shifting either to a PHP MVC framework or even going to a Python-based system. Would mean I either need to learn something like Laravel or just learn Python. Both things I want to do but can't decide which to prioritise.
  • Furniture making: I've always loved making things. My year 12 coffee table still sits proudly in the loungeroom. It's not as solid as it was when I first made it but it's still kicking. I'm planning some bookshelves and desk modifications but have some long term things I'd love to have a go at (some of those have pre-requisites though, like, a workstation needs a decent workshop which I don't have right now).
  • Drawing: I stopped drawing after starting Uni, thought I was pretty good then got there and thought I was not that good. Really all I needed to do was more of it. So I want to do more of it and get better at it again.
  • I also want to learn a couple of different CMS's. So if I end up getting back into development for clients I can vary which CMS I'm using based on the type of project it is. So far my list is down to Typo3, Grav, and something like Fork. We're moving to a platform called Umbraco at work so I might look into that too. So far everything I've picked uses Twig for it's layouts so I'm keen to get my head around that. Wordpress is an obvious addition to that list but I'd like to be in a position where I can offer alternatives for people who may not need the bloat that comes with Wordpress.
  • Minor Edit I also forgot to mention a bunch of projects involving Raspberry Pis and maybe even Arduinos.

I think that's about it for now. Let's see if my track record improves with this one.