Has it really been four months since my last post? I guess it makes sense I was never good at keeping these things up to date anyway.

Anyway, we're entering stage 4 lockdown and I'm just about done with this whole situation. I've just reached a point this week where I'm just over it. I hate talking about it, I hate hearing about it, it's everywhere and it's fucking draining now. Not just the virus itself but all the shit circling around the eye of the storm. However...

Like I said in my previous post, this too shall pass. Sure it's gone on a lot longer than any of us thought (and now probably hoped) it would. We've missed events both locally and interstate and the longer this drags the fear grows that we are going to miss more and more of them. The unfortunate thing is we are now likely living in a time of two pandemics, both of which you cannot see.

The pandemic of the body and the pandemic of the mind.

Here we are facing another round of harsher lockdowns, potentially a lot of time to overthink little things and spiral into a funnel of thoughts. Everyone is facing this circumstance of thinking about their personal lives in a way they may not have had to think about it before and it's daunting. People finding themselves thinking about society as a whole in relation to how we have communally handled this global situation has them down. And I don't blame them looking at some of the comments and headlines (such as that doctor who had publicly comment that "wires in masks are not 5G antennas", seriously?!) there's a lot to be drawn down about which is the part of the reason I now kind of avoid it all.

We keep hearing about how "we're all this together" and how "we all have a role to play" yada yada. Realistically all these sound bites are just the easy way of trying to achieve something that you can't achieve with simple sound bites. Imagine the scene in The Return of the King when the Rohirrim cavalry show up with Theodin and instead of giving the rousing speech he just says "We're all in this together" nonchalantly and charges the Orcs. I wouldn't be that convinced to ride to my potential death. Given the speech he made though fucking count me in like that sword wielding madman charging the Orcs with unmatched ferocity.

In the end some of us a more in it together than others, and the fact they're all deciding to be Saruman and look after themselves before everyone else is disappointing but not all surprising. I just hope that we have learned something for next time there is a global pandemic threatening the stability of the country. Because it will happen again and like improvements to infrastructure and transport we should improve practices and responses when it comes to future outbreaks based on the outcomes of this one. Time will tell. But fuck everyone who's put us in this situation if I can't get over to England next year for one my longest standing friend's wedding.

As in my previous post, if you're needing an ear to vent to I'm here to listen.