Scott Battye

Game, Website and Interface Designer

Wild Goose Hunt

Wild Goose Hunt was one of my first solo Flash developments I completed during my first year at university. The Flash files included below progress through the development stages of the game up to the version just prior to the final submission (the final submission only featured music that I really shouldn't have used, but other than that the version at the bottom is the same).

Menu Testing

This version was purely for testing the build of the menus for the game. Including making sure all buttons worked as intended and menu animations worked smoothly. Use the blue triangle at the bottom after hitting "new game" to progress through the stages.

Early Gameplay Testing

This version began to apply gameplay elements, as well as the early tracking of score and the implentation of the countdown timer.

Final Version

The final version sans music that was submitted, I lost marks for the multiplier as I couldn't figure out a way to track hits on the targets without also triggering a hit on the background to reset the multiplier. For the most part the gameplay is pretty solid though. Maybe I'll give this a try again at some stage and see if I can fix it properly.