Randlings: Part 1

So this is my first “weekly” installment of what I’m coining Randlings (a combination of random and ramblings).I’ve been doing a lot of research into cars lately, I’ve never owned a car and only had my license for around 3 years. Driving had really been something I didn’t need when I turned 18. It remained a thing I didn’t need when I turned 21. By the time I reached 24 I thought I probably should do it despite still not really feeling the need to. Now that I’ve had my license for a couple of years I now absolutely want a car to call my own. I mean, who knows it might be the only car I ever own if this self driving car stuff really takes off in the next five to ten years. I have to say though, man is it hard to make a choice on what I like. On the one hand I really like the look of certain cars, but their features leave a bit to be desired. Then the features are good, but the car looks garbage (either inside or out, potentially both in some cases). Some of the ones I think are good are outside my realistic budget and the ones that are in my budget so far all fall into the two categories above. Look garbage, or have terrible features (i.e. fuel usage). One thing I despise is CVT. I just can’t have it. Unless it’s something like Subaru’s that at least gives you an option to have it give you subtle regular feel. The shame is that the one car I like that looks good and has good features (the new Honda Civic), has CVT and so far my research suggests it does not have an option to provide an old school automatic feel. More research required.

On the TV show front. I’m all caught up on Stranger Things. Keeping it spoiler free I’m kind of interested how 3 is going to work given how it ended in Season 2. So that’ll be one to keep an eye out for. I’m just about ready to give up on Designated Survivor, for the flaws the first season had it was at least interesting to see the character of Kirkman grow into the roll of President despite having no aspirations for it but season 2 has not carried the same steam. Pretty much everything else is on mid-season break at the moment so I’m going to take the opportunity to finally watch the final season of Orphan Black.

Saw The Last Jedi the day after it came out. It was… okay. Without spoiling anything for those who haven’t seen it there are a few plot points I wasn’t particularly happy with how they handled it and a few others that weren’t even addressed so overall I found it an enjoyable movie but not quite what I was expecting. I guess Luke’s words of “This is not going to go the way you think” actually kind of ring true.

Not sure what else to talk about right now. Think I’ve pretty much covered everything for this “weekly” installment (if you know me you’ll understand the quotes. These will absolutely not be weekly).

See you next time,

– Scott.