Scott Battye

Game, Website and Interface Designer

Regional Gamers League Australia

I first joined RGL Australia in June 2012 to take part in their online Forza Motorsport Championships. In the time since I have assisted with various projects for both the online Forza Championships, and RGL Australia's Mildura LAN tournaments. Including travelling to Mildura in June to attend their second tournament and aid in the operating of the competition.

The Site Rebuild

After a post on the forums went out from Brendan, the owner of RGL, I volunteered my services to aid in the redevelopment of the league's website. The development had been a custom made static HTML website that wasn't really designed to handle the amount of information that was being put into it. In the beginning it had been more than ample to handle the occasional news update and some photos from events both online and local. But eventually the amount of effort to keep it maintained started becoming too much for a static website to handle.

So with a few late nights and a bit of keyboard bashing we converted the site over to being a Wordpress powered dynamic site. This opened up a lot of new possibilities for articles, pages and even statistics from LAN tournaments and Forza races to be easily kept up to date (when compared to modifying hundreds of line of HTML to update driver stats alone). The next challenge for RGL's "2.0" update is add better mobile support and improve community interaction through the website.

The Replay Overhaul

During the "off-season" between the 2nd 2012 season and the beginning of the 2013 season I concepted a new interface for the race replays found on RGL Australia's Youtube channel. This was met with a lot of interest from the members and the offer was put forward to polish it up to be used for the 2013 replays.

The Original Concept
The Original Concept

In the final version the orange was changed to red to tie in with the Forza Motorsport section of the RGL website. For the final production I provided blank pieces of all the interface parts and Brendan, who produced and commentated on the all replays, would put them together with text and add the animations in.

The Feat Medals

Unfortunately it was an idea that wasn't really able to take off, it started a couple of rounds into the season and was too difficult to keep maintained, by the time I worked up a system to streamline the process the season was too far progressed to back track and recount the medals. Maybe they'll be back but with a change of formats away from a single structured series it is unlikely they will be used for the foreseeable future.

Some of the Feat Medals
A screenshot showing some of the feat medals, when none have been earned, the blank medal displayed should be shown instead.
(the medals were on a sample profile that had them all displayed by default)

The Stream Evolution

After the Forza interface concept went over well, I concepted an updated scorecard for the gameplay stream during LAN tournaments and online seasons. Taking the base design currently in use and building upon it to give the graphics a fresh look.

Updated Stream Scorecard
The new scorecard shown over a Halo 4 screenshot

The updates didn't stop at just the scorecard though, I was also asked to concept some displays for between matches and for general announcements. Below are video samples of the loop for the two game related displays for Halo and Call of Duty respectively. Below those is a static image of the general announcements display, I haven't quite figured out what type of animation I'm going to put on that one just yet.

General Announcement Display