Scott Battye

Game, Website and Interface Designer

Shoot Through

Shoot Through was one of my first solo creations using Flash, and I think it shows. The gameplay itself is pretty much how I wanted it originally, especially the easing of ship movement, but the hit detection on the asteroids kind of broke so even destroyed asteroids have a tendancy to kill the ship. Below is a link to the original flash version of the game, I didn't have the abilities when it came to adding volume control at the time though.

Shoot Through v1, the music for this version was made by Dominic Bui. All other assests were custom made.

The Back Story

In a relatively distant future, you are a miner responsible for collecting asteroids to be harvested for resources. Your employer, Space Rock Harvesting Incorporated, has landed a lucritive contract worth a lot of dosh to mine a large field for as much as their processing ships can carry. As a drone pilot its your responsibility to break down the larger asteroids so the processing ships can collect the rocks and estimate how much dosh the haul is worth.

The Second Attempt

My second attempt at Shoot Through came in the form of an iOS version, made during a short course I did for iPhone and iPad games development. I attempted to alter it from scrolling asteroid shooter to have accelerometer direction control, this made it more like Asteroids, and I didn't like it. This idea faired about as well as the original, so for the new version which will hopefully be HTML5 based, I've gove back to the scrolling shooter.

Below is a concept image of what the menu should look like at the end.

Shoot Through Menu
Concept of the menu for the new version.