Scott Battye

Game, Website and Interface Designer

Strength in Arms

Strength in Arms is the final year university project I was a part of with 4 other talented individuals. The five of us (there were six originally which is where the group name "Hex" came from) hadn't really worked together at all prior to forming into a group, but it all came together really well and Strength in Arms was the end result.

The Premise

Strength In Arms is a platformer game on PC using the XNA engine to swing players into a whole new world of exploration by taking on the role of an acrobatic knight in a series of wacky, fun filled adventures. The medieval knight travels through the forest world battling evil monster machines and climbing menacing, fire breathing bosses!

"Teaser Trailer"

Jason (the guy you can hear in this video) had this whacky idea for a teaser trailer, so we let him loose and that's the end result. It shows some of the gameplay from just over half way through the development process. The final heads up display and interface elements were still being worked on.

Humble Beginnings
Humble Beginnings, a screenshots of Andrew's prototype he'd made before the semester had even begun.
Melee Weapons Concepts
Concept drawings for some melee weapons
Player Interface Example
An early version of the interface elements
Ranged Weapon Concepts
Concept drawings for some ranged weapons

At this point it was so early in the development we weren't really sure what we were going to have as features, so I came up with a relatively broad set of elements for the players information box that could be added to, changed, or removed depending on what was decided later on in the development. In the end, the whole lot was removed and we moved to a more fitting set of interface elements.

Gameplay Screenshot from a early June build
Screenshot from an early June 2010 build of the game.
Gameplay Screenshot from a late August build
Screenshot from a late August 2010 build of the game, showing local multiplayer and refinement of some level scenery.
Gameplay Screenshot from a September build
Screenshot from a September build of the game, showing the new flying fox and finalising the interface elements.

While you can't see it in any of the other included screenshots, we ended up moving away from using the rocks as grabbable elements as players found the rocks either too hard to spot, or weren't aware they were able to grab hold of them.

The blue orb is a checkpoint, throughout the levels you could activate a checkpoint and any players killed would respawn from them instead of the start of the level (which became useful later on as custom levels became rather long).

There were a lot of crazy physics elements added later in the development cycle, the flying fox was just one of them, we also added a slingshot, vines which you could swing off, and even a ferris wheel that you could grab hold of the cabs of. Here's the second trailer, some more gameplay inside:

An early version of some of the HUD
A later version of the player interface

Then there was the final trailer which I accidentally exported under the wrong resolution settings:

And here we are at the Freeplay Festival in the State Library after being given the opportunity to show off the game to the general public.

The team at Freeplay Festival
(From Left) Georgina, Brendan and Andrew at the Freeplay Festival
The team at Freeplay Festival
(From Left) Myself, Brendan, Jason, Georgina, and Andrew
The team at Freeplay Festival
An attendee playing the tutorial level