Scott Battye

Game, Website and Interface Designer

Personal Website
Personal Website

Personal website layout, currently online at scottbattye.com

Objective: Make a personal website that reflected my abilities, along with the history to show evolution of the site.

Role(s): Designed and developed using Photoshop, HTML, CSS, and minor amounts of PHP (the JavaScript slideshow is a GPL sourced slideshow, not developed by me).

Link: You're already here!

V5 Link: http://www.scottbattye.com/v5/

V4 Link: http://www.scottbattye.com/v4/

V3 Link: http://www.scottbattye.com/v3/

V2 Link: http://www.scottbattye.com/v2/

Regional Gamers League Australia
RGL Australia Website

"RGL is based out of Mildura in north-west Victoria and was created with the aim to provide opportunities for regional gamers to compete in high quality LAN tournaments, similar to those held in major cities."

Along with the above, they also run a quality range of online competitions both competitive focused (Halo, Call of Duty and FIFA 13) and community focused (the RGL Forza Motorsport Championships).

Role(s): Assisted with conversion from static website to Wordpress powered website. Aided the owner in creation of Wordpress themes, child themes, templates and pages based off designs provided by the owner, along with the addition of widgets and plugins to enhance site functionality.

Link: http://www.regionalgamersleague.com

Screwed Gamers
The Screwed Gamers

Wordpress layout for the website of the Screwed Gamers podcast. Originally built on the Joomla framework, but now running entirely on Wordpress.

Objective: Design and develop a website to which content relating to the topics discussed on the podcast could be replicated and expanded upon.

Role(s): Designed and developed using Photoshop, HTML, and CSS.

Link: http://www.screwedgamers.com

Insert Credit
Insert Credit - Exhibition Website

Website layout for the RMIT Games Graduates 2010.

Objective: Design and develop a website that reflected the designs and colour scheme of the print teams posters for the event.

Role(s): Designed and developed using Photoshop, HTML, and CSS. Content was a combined effort with Anthony Borell.

Link: Local Mirror (was at http://www.insertcreditexpo.com for the graduating year)

Strength in Arms
Strength in Arms - Game Website

The first website layout for Strength in Arms.

Objective: Design and develop the website for my final year project of university.

Role(s): Designed and developed using Photoshop, HTML, and CSS. Built on the Wordpress Blogging System.

Link: Local Mirror (was at http://strengthinarms.com)

Web Programming
Web Programming Assignment

Fictional website for the Docklands Tennis Club for Web Programming classes in 3rd year of university.

Objective: Create a website which met the criteria set out by the brief, of having a functioning login system, news management, and working client and server-side validation (I lost marks as client side validation didn't work).

Role(s): Designed and developed using Photoshop, HTML, CSS, JavaScript and PHP, user information and news was stored in XML documents, would have preferred MySQL but the brief required use of XML.

Link: http://www.scottbattye.com/webdev/

Older and Incomplete Works

Shakehost Website Hosting

Website layout for ShakeHost website hosting (has since changed management and has been superseeded by another design).

Objective: Design and develop a website for the owner of the company that reflected the previous layout while refreshing the style and keeping easily navigatable at the same time.

Role(s): Designed and developed the site using Photoshop, HTML, and CSS. Placeholder content inserted, later updated by client.

RooTeeth Website and Community

Website and basic community for the website of the RoosterTeeth Australian fanbase. Never made it past concept development, community elements of site put to use on the Screwed Gamers website.

Objective: Design a layout that I felt reflected the community and the focus of the collective as a whole.

Role(s): Designed using Photoshop.


One of the many iterations of designs I had made for blueirn.net, which currently sits empty while I actually decide on something to do with the domain name.