Hello from Singapore!

It has been a mammoth day that is drawing to a close as I await my flight from Singapore to Zurich. It is 11:21PM as I write this and my flight is due to depart at 1:45AM, it is approximately 28 degrees outside, and I’d say very high humidity. My humidity sensors are tingling. I’ve taken a bit of a walk around the airport to scout some things to do but honestly this place is massive. All four terminals of Melbourne could fit into one terminal here.

Being a hub airport there’s an eclectic mix of people coming and going. I’m seeing plenty of Aussie’s and Kiwi’s, so there’s more than enough of us on the move to various places at the moment.

I’ve caught the Sky Train from Terminal 3 where I landed around to Terminal 2 to find the big board of flight information. Found that my Zurich flight was departing from Terminal 1 and decided to leg it there rather than take the overly packed Terminal 2 to Terminal 1 Sky Train (the system seems to be broken down into three blocks rather than running in one big loop).

The flight was non-eventful, which is kinda what you want I suppose. My headphones didn’t work to watch a movie until late in the flight when I was able to score some complimentary headphones. I ended up watching Ford vs Ferrari. It’s a good movie. Depending on whether I sleep or not will determine if I watch another movie on the way to Zurich now that I have a suitable adapter.

I need to add a couple of photos to this post later, probably when I get to the hotel in Zurich, to show some of the scale of this place, the pictures didn’t do it justice just how big this airport is.

I also managed to confirm with the airport that my 27 hour layover on the way back is a fringe case that unfortunately makes me ineligible to participate in the Singapore City Tour. I guess I’ll just have to add it to my destination list for a future holiday.

I need to go for another walk before this flight, my back is already killing me after a 7h 30m flight, I might need to lie down when I get to the hotel in Zurich to straighten my back out again.