A strong case of things I would do differently next time. A shorter one today as events meant it was a bit of a nothing day in the end.

I remember when I was planning this trip that I had a choice between stopping in Stuttgart or Frankfurt on my way to Hamburg. As the journey directly from Zurich (or really, Luzern) to Hamburg would have been over 10 hours. Given Stuttgart’s proximity to Switzerland I opted for that over Frankfurt as it would have been another couple of hours with a transfer through Stuttgart anyway. So everything added up to stopping in Stuttgart. As much as I would have like Frankfurt as a city on the main north-south line.

Yes there are a range of museums and exhibitions but the amount of construction work happening at the moment affecting the centre of the city is just a bit too much to deal with. I’m sure it will be a great city once the station and all the work around the city centre is complete, but there’s just too much construction going on right now that is limiting what you can see and do.

Ultimately I feel like Stuttgart will be a great place to come to in 10-15 years time when all the construction work is done. Whether it’s somewhere to stay or just pass-through/visit? Right now it’s a visit but that may change after the works are complete.

I’m off to find somewhere for dinner, the hotel has sweet fuck all around it but there’s a place that does Currywurst a bit of a hike away so I might give that a go based on Lara recommending it before I came over. If not I’ll find a place for it in Hamburg or Dusseldorf.

I need to be up early tomorrow, my train to Hamburg is at 7:50 AM as it was the only train I could get a seat reservation on.

Minor Update: The Currywurst was great. Cheers for the recommendation Lara!