The ankle strikes back!

Woke up this morning and my ankle was sore again. Just when I thought it was all recovered the pain has returned. Not quite as bad as it was the day I could barely walk in Lucerne but still quite painful.

Not wanting to do much with it I hung around Scott and Sarah’s place for the morning. Sarah came home at lunch time to work from home for the remainder of the day so I endeavoured to get out for a bit of a walk to leave her in peace for a while and also test out my ankle.

It wasn’t the worst it’s been, but it also wasn’t the best. I did a small loop around West Wick, doing just enough to get me close to 10k steps so that whatever was planned for dinner that night would get me over the line.

Scott and I ended up having dinner at the St Nicks Night Market in Bristol, Sarah dropped us off and went to do her own thing for a couple of hours while we had a wander around the market and a bite to eat. It was a slow wander and enough to get me over 10k. Our only regret was not having more of a wander around before picking on food as we found more food joints past the markets after we had already eaten. The burger I had was nice but there was an interesting looking Taco joint I probably would have opted for instead had I known it was there.

We stopped at a bar by the waterfront, watched a couple of party boats expertly handle the narrow channel, had a pint, and made our way back.