My photo editing software is misbehaving so I’ll diagnose that and get some photos uploaded when I get to the hotel in Zermatt tomorrow.

The morning started with breakfast at the hotel, pretty standard fare. There were croissants, cereals, bread for toasting and eggs. I ended up just having a bowl of cereal and a couple of croissants. Checkout time at the hotel was earlier than the Ibis hotels I’ve been staying at. That was okay though because we’d made loose plans yesterday that would have put us on the move early.

I got myself checked out after breakfast and made my way up the main street to the church. This is where the iconic imagery of the train rolling through a roundabout can be found. Three trains went through in about 45 minutes. Heather and Sean arrived just in time for the third train. My earlier arrival meant I’d scoped out where to stand to get good footage so Sean was ready to go when the next train came.

Wandered around the square there for a bit, the church interior was decked out. I didn’t take any photos or really move once I stepped inside aside from moving to check out the excessively oversized organ. I dunno I just get this really awkward sense that it’s not right to take photos in a church if you’re not religious leaning, a bit of a weird stance as I have taken plenty of photos of the outside of churches on this trip.

Anyway there was a surprise train that rolled through. Sean had checked the timetable and this train was not on it. So that was nice to get photos of. The one we were expecting then rolled out towards St Moritz as timetabled. So what that other train was we don’t know. We popped in and had some Italian Gelati after that and realised the train line was right next to the restaurant so we got to see yet another train roll up the hill St Moritz-bound.

We made our way back towards the stations. Heather and Sean picked up their luggage and we did some souvenir shopping. We ended up back at the restaurant we had dinner last night, Sean had a coffee and ordered some chips to tide them over as they were having lunch on the train. While I was still quite full from lunch and gelati they offered me some chips as they wouldn’t be able to finish the size of bowl they ended up with.

Then the time came for us to part ways. Their onwards journey was taking them into Italy for a flight home to Manchester, while I was returning on the Bernina line back to Chur. With a selfie outside the station, a hug and a handshake the Chur crew disbanded with an aim to meet again if we are ever in each other’s city.

The train ride back to Chur was surprisingly more complicated than the ride down. I had to change trains twice and it seemed a rather pointless change as I got to Pontresena on a St Moritz bound service, had to change to a train to Samedan (that would have been the train I would have stayed on if I was on my own and heading back the long way earlier in the day), then get off at Samedan to change to the train to Chur. I’m feeling like I probably could have stayed on the St Moritz train and changed there but I guess Swiss efficiency picked the route that would get me there the fastest not with the fewest transfers.

The rest of the journey back was basically the same as on the way out, the weather was starting to roll in so the visibility later in the trip was starting to mimic the day before. 10 minutes after I got checked back in to the hotel here in Chur it started raining. I was lucky there was a break in the rain to duck out and get some food. I didn’t really have the desire or energy to pick a restaurant to sit at and go between German and English so I ended up getting Burger King just up the street. I’ll get back to the Swiss food tomorrow.

Big day tomorrow though, Glacier Express at 11am to Zermatt, 6 hours of views that match, and perhaps in some cases even exceed, yesterdays (and todays) views.