2018 Update Number Two

Days turned into weeks, weeks into months. I really let this stuff go didn't I? Already falling behind on this thing so that New Years Resolution ain't going well is it? Here's an update on my 2018 so far...

I picked up some more work, I'm now working across two departments at Melbourne Polytechnic. One role as my existing ICT Service Management Officer role. The new role is a junior Website Administrator and Developer within the Marketing and Communications department. That's going well, a lot to take in but I feel like I'm picking it up okay.

Because of the new job I had to move into night classes for the Training and Assessment. That's going... okay. I guess. The delivery of the course isn't something that really gels with me and the assignments are a real pain right now with how many there are and quickly they're all due. Persevering with it though because I still feel like it'll be good to have in the long run.

That did mean I had to give up Tuesday Night Trivia. I have managed to get a night in with my Marketing crew on a Wednesday which was good but I'm missing the regular crew.

I was nominated by my teachers for an award (with a really long title). The School of Engineering, Design and Construction Outstanding Vocational Education and Training Student of the Year Award. I found out a couple of weeks ago that I won the award and am now in the running for Melbourne Polytechnic's overall Outstanding Student of the Year.

I've decided already that I'm not particularly happy with this website layout overall. I'm liking the colour scheme and the overall idea of it but the execution I feel could be a little better. I'll revisit it when I've got some time.

The car hunt is proceeding. At this stage I'm banking on around late May to early June purchase window, hoping to get in on that EoFY sale action. At this stage I'm targeting a 3-5 year old Mazda 3, Maxx or SP25 depending on the price I can get (I'd rather the SP25 if I can get one for a good price, mainly for the 2.5L engine). My only other option would be a damn good price on one of the newer Civics, but they're still pretty new so the prices aren't coming down at this stage looking at comparison models (The VTi-L especially is around 5-6k more than an SP25), my only drawback on that is that they have CVT though, but if the plan is to eventually have everyone driving electric cars then it's something we all have to get used to.

Anyway I think that's enough for now. I'll be back with another post at some point. I am cooking one up that I've had in mind for a little while so we'll see how that goes.

Until next time!

  • Scott.

2018 Update Number One

Alright, I need to write another one of these things to get something else up on this blog since it's been almost (or is it over?) a fortnight since I last updated it. So let's goooooooo!It's been a relatively low-key couple of weeks so I'm not sure I'll have much to talk about on an update level. I've got another post I'm working on but that could take a bit of time to put together...

Anyway this online course I've been doing has been going well. Python is, like most programming languages, relatively straight forward at a base level once you understand the syntax. Now that I'm starting to get the hang of the differences between it and something like PHP or C# I feel like I'll pickup most of the content in the course quite quickly. Of course that remains to be seen and with my plans for the year ahead I may not get a lot of time to look at it in the coming months.

That's because I've signed up to complete my Certificate IV in Training and Assessment with the aim to get into doing a bit of teaching. Whether that's at Melbourne Polytechnic or not remains to be seen but it still seems like a good thing to have going forward. I'm a little disappointed it's a year long course though. For a Cert IV I was expecting a 6 month program. Anyway, I'm hoping there's an avenue to accelerate at least some aspects of it to get it completed faster.

Our team started back at Trivia last Tuesday. It was actually quite busy the first week but on Tuesday it wasn't too bad. We really need a sixth member of our team who knows their celebrities and social media though because we are absolutely shit at those questions. Also I'm really only good if the sports questions are about Cricket or F1, maybe a moderate amount of AFL, but I'll probably luck into knowing the answer about most other sports.

Spent some time helping Layla move house, moved a fair few boxes and helped clean the old place up a bit, hope she doesn't need to do that again in a hurry! The new place is much nicer than the previous one though, much better and more open layout which should be good for parties!

I think that's all for now, I'll be back with more in the coming days*

  • Scott

(*) Definitely weeks.


As a general rule I don't set New Year resolutions so as to not be disappointed with myself when the end of the year rolls around and I haven't achieved anything I set out to achieve at the start of the year. This year there is only one exception to that general rule.This blog.I aim to keep it updated fairly regularly and with a bit of luck I'll be able to look back on the posts at the end of 2018 and work out what's been coming out of my brain that people have actually been reading. Maybe it'll be worth putting together a list as part of my reflections post at the end of year. Or maybe it'll all be garbage and this year-long study will end with nothing but a bit of wasted time on my behalf.

Let's look towards something else though. While I don't do resolutions, I do have a checklist of things to do this year. So let's have a look at some of those items and see in 12 months time how I'm tracking shall we?

  • Rebuild the Sim Rig. This one is kind of on-again-off-again in terms of a project I need to complete. Without a dedicated game or competitive series where I'd actually get some use out of it I don't tend to use it so it's kind of just sat around in pieces.
  • Start learning Python. Essentially I'd started this one last year just after finishing my studies. Chris suggested it during the year but I said I wanted to get classes out of the way first. Now that that's done I can, and have, moved onto it.
  • Clean my email inboxes. Would you believe me if I told you I had, combined, around 5,000 unread emails in my inboxes? Sure most of them are catalogue and sale emails and I find the important stuff in the middle of it but I should probably go through it and sort them all better, right?
  • Clean out my wardrobe. This is actually something I thought about a while back but never got around to for some reason. There's a lot of shit in my wardrobe I simply don't wear, and have no intentions of wearing. So my intention is to get rid of some stuff eventually.
  • Start playing guitar again. I really shouldn't have ever stopped.
  • Start drawing again. I wasn't the best but I wasn't terrible at it either, just needed to do it more. Instead, I do it less.

There's some other stuff on my list, but they're things to talk about at another time. (Update: end of year 2018. None of this happened. Well, drawing kind of happened because it's easier than a lot of the other things on the list)

Until next time,

  • Scott.

The 2017 Appreciation Post

This is one of those posts where I list things I’m appreciative of from the year that has been 2017 because I need to post it in 2017 for it to be valid or something… Is that actually the rule or not? In no particular order:Other than the first. The obvious people to start with are Mum and Dad. Heading towards 2017 I wasn’t sure if I was going to continue on from the Diploma in IT into the Advanced Diploma. When I spoke to them about the indecision – especially surrounding the potential cost – their response was essentially “why does that matter? If it will help you in the long run and you want to do it, just go for it”. At various stages in the last few years they’ve both said that I’m old enough to make my own decisions and wear any consequences, but at least they do try and talk me out of a decision if it is a stupid one or support me if it’s a good one. I can slot my sister and brother-in-law in as well, while I don’t usually discuss the same stuff with them directly as much as Mum and Dad talking points still get to them and I get their thoughts from time to time. Those kids are smile generators as well (at least for me they are).

There’s a long list of friends, new and old, that have made the year bearable, exciting, and challenging.

The OG AdDip crew. Honestly, I don’t think this year would have been as good as it was without spending it with all of you. We had some… unique characters and unique challenges that made it an interesting year and I hope to keep in touch with you in the years to come. Special mention of appreciation must go to Andreana and Thiago for staying with the special project though. Always missing Server Security because meetings and events (or even work) just happened to line up with those classes. At least we had an excuse for being as far behind as we were!

The China crew. What an adventure! Made all the more special for spending it with such a fantastic group of people. We had a lot of laughs, shared some great experiences, and even shed a few tears at the end. Despite how fast the back-end of the year has gone and how much has happened it still feels like it was just a few weeks ago which just highlights how good a trip it was. I’m looking forward to our catch up in the New Year! I’m still waiting to see some of your photos too…

By the sounds of it it’s been one of those years for everyone. A bit of a revealing year surrounding who you are as a person and how you approach (or will approach) things differently now compared to a year ago. So I’ll jump on that bandwagon too. Both personally and professionally I feel like this has been a great year for me in terms of growth as a person. Having to make decisions that didn’t just affect me and ask questions I really wouldn’t have asked 12 months ago. Sometimes you meet or speak to the right person that nudges you that little bit further or encourages you to roll the dice and take that leap you might not have previously considered taking.

For most of that it’s been the year at MP this year that has pushed that boundary. In the areas of managing both my own time and the time of a team, managing a project, or even public speaking. Things I wouldn’t have looked at last year as things I would ever want to do (public speaking I still struggle with but at least most people say that). Not only that but being in a position to help people. Whether it’s answering questions about my experience like on open day or actually helping someone struggling with course material that I understand. I guess that might be part of the reason the program leader suggested I look at becoming a teacher… I’m still thinking about that one.

And sometimes there are just things you don’t want to discuss with family (at least initially) so close friends are the ones you turn to. This year that appreciation goes to both Chris and Layla. You’ve both been great sets of ears this year, I only hope that any time the favour needs to be returned I can be as good a set of ears as you guys have been for me this year.

This really goes for everyone so I’ll separate it from the above. The door is always open, the kettle only takes a few minutes to boil and in the event I’m not here I’m just a phone call or a message away to at least get the ball rolling on talking. Because sometimes you just need someone to vent to, talk to, or get feedback from. I may not be the best at any or all of those things for your situation, but if you want to at least try, I’m here for you.

Ultimately my appreciation for this year is that it’s been a successful and positive year. Do I have any resolutions? No, not really. I don’t bother so much with resolutions for the new year, but I just hope that the trajectory continues on the road it’s started down this year and next year is as good as this year was.

That’s all for now. Hope everyone has a happy new year, and I’ll see you all in 2018!

  • Scott

Randlings: Part 1

So this is my first "weekly" installment of what I'm coining Randlings (a combination of random and ramblings).I've been doing a lot of research into cars lately, I've never owned a car and only had my license for around 3 years. Driving had really been something I didn't need when I turned 18. It remained a thing I didn't need when I turned 21. By the time I reached 24 I thought I probably should do it despite still not really feeling the need to. Now that I've had my license for a couple of years I now absolutely want a car to call my own. I mean, who knows it might be the only car I ever own if this self driving car stuff really takes off in the next five to ten years. I have to say though, man is it hard to make a choice on what I like. On the one hand I really like the look of certain cars, but their features leave a bit to be desired. Then the features are good, but the car looks garbage (either inside or out, potentially both in some cases). Some of the ones I think are good are outside my realistic budget and the ones that are in my budget so far all fall into the two categories above. Look garbage, or have terrible features (i.e. fuel usage). One thing I despise is CVT. I just can't have it. Unless it's something like Subaru's that at least gives you an option to have it give you subtle regular feel. The shame is that the one car I like that looks good and has good features (the new Honda Civic), has CVT and so far my research suggests it does not have an option to provide an old school automatic feel. More research required.

On the TV show front. I'm all caught up on Stranger Things. Keeping it spoiler free I'm kind of interested how 3 is going to work given how it ended in Season 2. So that'll be one to keep an eye out for. I'm just about ready to give up on Designated Survivor, for the flaws the first season had it was at least interesting to see the character of Kirkman grow into the roll of President despite having no aspirations for it but season 2 has not carried the same steam. Pretty much everything else is on mid-season break at the moment so I'm going to take the opportunity to finally watch the final season of Orphan Black.

Saw The Last Jedi the day after it came out. It was... okay. Without spoiling anything for those who haven't seen it there are a few plot points I wasn't particularly happy with how they handled it and a few others that weren't even addressed so overall I found it an enjoyable movie but not quite what I was expecting. I guess Luke's words of "This is not going to go the way you think" actually kind of ring true.

Not sure what else to talk about right now. Think I've pretty much covered everything for this "weekly" installment (if you know me you'll understand the quotes. These will absolutely not be weekly).

See you next time,

  • Scott.