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China 2017: Day Five

On the go early, had a class of tai chi and kung fu in the morning. It was still quite hot even at that early hour so the class was cut short. What we learned was interesting though, and really showed how tai chi can be a soothing or even meditative exercise when done right […]

China 2017: Days Three and Four

Day Three: Today was a fairly quiet day. Up at 7 again, had to be up and moving early anyway as we had morning class learning basic Chinese. Suban and Michael were funny as hell associating Chinese pronunciation with English words (“eBay” is 100 in Chinese (yi bai) in case you were wondering). We’ve been […]

China 2017: Day Two

Woke at about 7. Bed is hard as a rock even with using the blanket as extra padding. Breakfast in cafeteria with Matt, Gabriel and Michael, had another one of those pork rolls, such a strange thing to have for breakfast. Nice though. Headed to the new campus, had a tour of the engineering building […]

China 2017: Day One

Woke up about 7am, back was killing me but I didn’t really care because it was a decent sleep after being awake for over 40 hours straight. Beds were uncomfortable, Luke and I both agreed that it was ample for the first night but we’ll be using the blankets as extra padding tonight (since we […]

China 2017: The Way There

The line at Melbourne got long, it ended up taking us about 40 minutes to get through it and check my baggage in. We had to wait for Tanvi and Andreana who arrived a bit later than the rest of the group. Mum wanted to get a group photo of us before we went through […]

CSS Grids and This New Website

So I’ve been messing around with the CSS Grids that have been added to later versions of CSS. If memory serves it was back in February or March this year that it started appearing. I only caught onto it about three months ago though. I still need to make a few additions to this layout, […]

Another One Of These Things

Time to try this again… With my new website being built on WordPress (I didn’t have time to hard code anything, I might revisit again to hard code it in future), I figured it was a good opportunity to have another crack at doing this blogging thing. I’ll mostly be using this blog to talk […]